A film which covers an extremely wide range of topics – which include how the Jewish state of Israel came into existence, whether or not it was really legal, what they are currently doing to their neighbors, the 1948 war, war crimes, seperaration barriers, checkpoints, etc.

The film shows a very detailed look at what its like to live in an occupied country. The question is what is one ought to be doing about that? Could Israel Determine the destiny of the Palestinians without an uprising? Israel speaks of liberation but how can they be liberation through military force? It seems to be a big disaster that they are now just managing the damage control of.

Palestinians who protested against Oslow were painted as terrorists. What threat do the rock throwing / bomb strapping Palestinians really pose to the Israeli’s whom have Nuclear Weapons and backed by America?

The views presented in this documentary Occupation 101 are the views which are snuffed out and hidden by the american media outlets. Its time we see a different side to this complex story.

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2 thoughts on “OCCUPATION 101

  1. This is why I dont like the “Occupy” movement… yes I understand its supposed to be grass roots and imply the simple occupation of people out of their normal context, but 80% of the rest of the world view the word Occupy completely different, its an all to real threat. So if anything we should be re-educating the Occupy Movement as to what our constitution and declaration of independence says to do when corrupt men tarnish our name around the world in the name of liberty… and it sure as shit has nothing to do with banners and camping in downtown public areas. Thats childsplay.

  2. I like this doc but not sure if its entirely accurate. I understand the retaliation, but at the same time do not condone taking an ‘eye for an eye’ ya know. But at the same time it is very hard in this case because of how many countless thousands of children have lost their parents and grow up on their own, of course its natural for one to believe they will eventually pick up a rock or strap a bomb to themselves to defend the honor of their parents.

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