Athene’s Theory of Everything

 Ok I know what you are thinking… A theory of everything? Sounds like the ambitious consolidation of allot of other people’s theories all into one right? Well maybe your right, but that does not given any more credit to this documentary being absolutely fascinating simply due to the fact of whom it was made by. Some of you may have heard of Chiren Boumaaza, aka Athene, the Youtube legend who has over 600,000 subscribers and like a half a Bazillion views to his videos, most of which stem from a ridiculously active career in World of Warcraft & online poker games.
Athene is mostly known for his skills in gaming and considered a legend in the WoW community, however he has been rather quiet lately until this view just resurfaced. Apparently in Chiren’s absence he has been studying Quantum Physics in his spare time.. derriving some interesting ideas roughly parallel with such notable stars in the Quantum physics world as: Marvin Chester, George Mackey, Hagen Kleinert, Victor J. Stenger, etc.

I am not to sure as to the validity of the theories proposed in this documentary, but can we say the same about ANY of the quantum theories currently out there? Most of it deals with invisible properties of nature and theoretic atoms which no one has actually seen or measured thus far. Some of these theories of unified theories and basic quantum mechanics can be found below:

Uncertainty Principle: 






Many Worlds Theory: 







Quantum Physics is simply the updated version of M = MC² and everything else Einstein could not figure out due to not having enough time on this earth (he says).

So what is considered crazy and not valuable today in these theories, maybe be accepted as absolute truth 20 years from now, Some theories have been showing allot of favor lately, and they are coming from every day scientists just like Einstein before he had his big break. The theory of Dark Matter and Anti-Matter is a huge discussion right now in the physics world. The theory that discusses how for every piece of matter in the universe , there is just as much Anti-matter (invisible of course) holding it together, almost as the Ying to the Yang, supposing that one could not exist without the other.
This raises all sorts of interesting philosophical and religious speculation in those who study the principles of Quantum Physics.

None the less, it is always good to keep an open mind, and see what direction science is going in these days, because it is getting as weird and wacky as your imagination can possibly come up with! Which is way more fun than just a bland existence where we are basically just passers-by.


Athene’s Theory of Everything
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One thought on “Athene’s Theory of Everything

  1. Interesting to say the least… Would be nice if the voice-over wasn’t so mono-tone, makes you want to fall asleep and hard to follow, but the info contained within the monotone was surprisingly intriguing. I am no Quantum physics buff by any means, but his unique insight into some of these quantum theories kept me watching intently throughout the entire doc. Good post

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