Just Melvin, Just Evil – See Effects of Abuse 30 Yrs Later

Watch the best documentary ever made about the affects of abuse on children

Just Melvin, Just Evil – a Documentary about the Effects of Incest & Child Abuse

watch the full version of just melvin just evil now    One of the most compelling documentaries to be made within the past 10 years hands down! Just Melvin, Just Evil captures the true personification of Evil like youve never seen before. There is a growing and disturbing increase in the amount of Child Abuse in America today, especially stemming from Sexual abuse normally perpetrated by someone, a significant attachment figure to the child, within the family circle. Yet do we see anything on the news about this,  only other than when they seem to pick out the priests & religious folks out there who act on their impulses against children, no we see nothing and certainly will not bring the topic up for conversation in a formal or even informal dinner among your peers…

It has become the underbelly of the beast, so to speak, and without documentaries like Just Melvin, Just Evil, a majority of Americans would be unaware of the problems others around them are suffering through but finally understand just how and why they themselves refuse to talk about it – even while the abuse is taking place. See the effects of 20, 30 & 40+ years later after Abuse has occured – no other documentary has been able to capture the brevity of this sad but wide spread problem we face in the world today.

Just Melvin, Just Evil – See Effects of Abuse 30 Yrs Later
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