Iran is not the problem

Do you really know who Iran Is? Have you ever met an Iranian? Or is your opinion derived from the news you hear about IRAN every single day, which may I remind you is the same new’s outlets whom reported Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction”. Ironic? I think not. IRAN is not the problem is the full length film responding to a failure of American mass media in providing citizens balanced view point of who the Iranians really are. We only hear one side of the story, never the side of the Iranians. Perhaps there is a reason for that?

You’ve obviously heard Iran is a nuclear threat to the west and our Allies, but what has Iran ever done to threaten us? We are told that they are devilishly hell bent on whipping our golden child Israel off the map. But is this hatred toward the west & Israel justified? Is there any history of aggression on either part that may possibly explain this some other way than a country that is almost 3,000 years is going to go out invading other countries and dropping nukes? I Smell Donald Rumsfeld somewhere in this whole story!  Who’s really threatening who??? (see image below)

Take a look at the struggle in Iran for democracy and the escalation of a potential US / Israeli attack are ever looming over these peoples heads. Iran is not the problem offers a bunch of unique ideas and alternatives to the current state of relations between the west , Israel & Iran.

It looks at the struggle for democracy inside Iran, the consequences of the current escalation and the potential US and/or Israeli attack, and suggests some alternatives to consider.


Iran is not the problem
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4 thoughts on “Iran is not the problem

  1. its about fuckin time someone started gettin this shit out… i always knew something was up because they are using the same war cry to try and rally everyone in support of a possible war

  2. kills me how no one gives a shit… but just would rather take fox new’s view point of iran and go to war lol … going to be a big mistake this time im afraid 🙁

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