Malcom X Prince of Islam

There’s a world wide revolution going on.. it goes beyond Mississippi, it goes beyond Alabama, it goes beyond Harlem.. What is it revolting against? The power structure. The American power structure? No. The French power structure? No. The English power structure? No. Then what power structure? An international western power structure. Malcolm X: Prince OfRead More

Beyond Me by Kathi Macias

This documentary by Kathi Macias delivers a universal message of peace. In 53 minutes, this film spans the cosmos, instincts, reincarnation, cellular biology, personality disorders, computer science and much more and offers a compelling case as to why meditation is vital for our evolution, both personal and otherwise. Please join the facebook page for BeyondRead More

PHP – Lecture from Harvard University by David J. Malan

Lecture Description Professor David J. Malan discusses the use of PHP in building dynamic websites. Course Description Today’s websites are increasingly dynamic. Pages are no longer static HTML files but instead generated by scripts and database calls. User interfaces are more seamless, with technologies like Ajax replacing traditional page reloads. This course teaches students howRead More