Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full)

symbols of our alien sky

full version of symbols of an alien skyHere we offer David Talbott’s first glimpses of celestial dramas in ancient times. Just a few thousand years ago a gathering of planets hung as towering forms in the ancient sky close to the earth, provoking spectacular electric discharge formations above our forebears.

squatterman-squattingman-petroglyphs-sleepinggoddess-plasmadischarge-symbols-of-an-alien-skySymbols of an Alien Sky gives us a unique insight on what life on other planets might possibly be like – helping to expand our own self awareness in the process – what if a million earth like planets with humonoids were in our galaxy alone? My My would that not certainly change the landscape of how we view ourselves in this grand scheme of the cosmos?

Celestial activities and planetary movements are the subjects of exhaustive research today, and can generally be predicted with great degrees of accuracy. But ancient civilizations approached the canvas of our skies with great fear and reverence, often imbuing its activities with profound mythological connotations.

Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full)
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