Once Upon A Time In Iran

This documentary made in 2007 by the crew over at Channel 4 is about the entire ideology behind Iran as a country. We need to have more open views when it comes to who Iran is and why they have the views they do about America and Israel. I know these are topics that no one would like to readily discuss these days, but the fact is that if we are potentially going to go to war with Iran or support Israel in a war with Iran, we need to know who these people are. Personally, Documentary Revolution thinks that it would be a terrible disaster to go to war with Iran, both for America and Israel, this documentary, we feel, does an excellent job at showing you the heart and soul of Iran, you can make your judgements and convictions about its people after that. But don’t just watch the latest speculation news report on Fox news about Iran and take it as absolute fact. That does not do any of us any good what so ever.

This particular documentary spends allot of time showing the role of Imam Hussein and Islam with the Iranian people… People tend to hold a very basic view of good vs evil in the world. Whilst Iran has almost never (since the time of Iran being Persia from ancient accounts) invaded another country offensively. In the 80s Iraq , ran by Saddam Hussein, invaded Iran. Iran defended itself with everything it had, and gives an excellent example as to what we would be up against if we were to ever invade Iran. Iran is not some broken back country which will just roll over backwards when we come knocking on their doorstep. For all intensive purposes, this is a rather modern people whom believe greatly in their religion and their history and most importantly their sovereignty.


Once Upon A Time In Iran
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