Magical Egypt – Full Length

Magical Egypt

Magical Egypt is a documentary basically narrated by John Anthony West, an extreme Egyptologist whom is kicking up allot of dust in his field of study.
Magical Egypt is a true journey into the hidden side of Egypt. Who were the Egyptians? What happened to them? Why did Egyptians build such massive stone monuments? All of these are valid questions that have not been given valid answers in years. Are we really supposed to believe that it only took 20 years to build the Great Pyramid?
Are we to believe that the Sphinx was made by the Egyptians when it’s celestial counterpoint resides in the sky, on the horizon, more than 10,500 years ago. Perhaps Egypt was an extension of a once great and forgotten civilization that understand the true metaphysical nature behind Magic / Magick and how the human mind perceives it.
Here you will find all 8 episodes of Magical Egypt – Ending with a HUGE eye opening section on Cosmology where a whole new way of reading heiroglyphics will be revealed by Laird Scranton. Learn everything you can about the fabulous hidden mysterious contained within the Real History of Ancient Egypt.




Magical Egypt – Full Length
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