Stepping Into The Fire

Rob Velez and Alvin Joeseph have created Shimbre Shamanic Center in the Jungles of Peru after having the most unique personal experiences imaginable. Rob was and still is an extremely successful stock broker who achieved some of the biggest success in the derivatives market. All the money he could ever dream of and yet he was losing his family and himself in the process. After his brother attempted suicide , Rob remembered his friends telling him about Ayahuasca. Rob found a shaman and after his first experience had a vision to build Shimbre. Visit their website for the doc here
This is where things get interesting. A global idea has taken root. Maybe not directly because of rob, but due to people like rob and many others. Where even in this age of technology, the most important information that is arising is that we’ve lost our connection with nature, where we come from, and where we need to return to.
Watch this amazing documentary and maybe plan a trip to peru yourself! 😀

From their website for Shimbre: Website for Shimbre –
The word Shimbre has infinite meanings; one of them denotes a portal to reach deeper and superior realities and dimensions. In many ways, Shimbre is the embodiment of this idea – a way to first improve and engage deeper into your life by expanding your field of awareness to establish a connection with the true nature of the universe and your being. Since before time, humankind has searched for union with our planet and its surrounding cosmos; Shimbre is a place to catalyze that connection and practice the superior knowledge left by ancient civilizations.
A superior knowledge that came from other parts of the universe and superior civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria was lost in different places around the world. The goal of Shimbre is to secure and pass on the essence of that knowledge by offering a unique opportunity to experience and be initiated by Master Mancoluto, a shaman of first-level knowledge. Part of the knowledge Master Mancoluto uses in his guidance is carved in the petroglyphs located in the Chavin de Huantar site. The Chavin civilization was the only civilization that maintained the knowledge left by the superior civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. This knowledge has an energetic relation with the universe, nature and the clairvoyant and telepathic part that is unknown to the human being, but can be learned and developed.
Anybody who wants to transcend their current entrapment in the world of five senses, false realities, improve their health and life must be prepared to entertain a profound and honest transformation. Only, through this means, can they hope to reach a more profound level of knowledge and understanding of the universe and themselves. Who will dare to make this change psychologically, energetically and organically? Only those embodying the real future of mankind.

Stepping Into The Fire
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