Project 101010 Pill or Perception

 Have you ever considered the other ways in which you can heal your mind & body outside of the standard doctor visit where you walk away with allot less in your bank account, and a bag full of prescription pills? We have grown so accustomed to being able to simply go to the doctor when illness arises in our lives, that we have forgot about the very way our bodies operate. New research in the placebo effects of bills are showing glaring obvious results that 80% of illness is all caused by your environment , lifestyle and overall mindset.

Contemplate and reflect on the chemistry of the brain. Meditation is one of the best ways to center yourself out of a high-stress day. Once we get into Run Run Run mode all day every day, our body’s chemistry does not complete cycles it needs to go through in order to actually settle down. 80% of Americans have some sort of leaking gut issues, which directly is caused from stress due to this Run Run Run lifestyle.

When we access the frontal lobe and focus on creating the future instead of dwelling on the past, your bodies chemistry will align naturally in order to bring into your life the situations that will fulfill the chemical needs of your body at that time. We are INFINITELY more powerful beings than we have been given credit for. We have the power of our mind to control what we do with our biology. That is an amazing gift that we never use unless we are children, whynot get it back? The biggest piece of helpful advice, “Do one thing EVERYDAY that scares you”. The space up here in your mind is YOUR SPACE , so what do you want to have up there? If you don’t like the contents of your brain, well guess what, toss it out! “Dont allow the limitations of your past to prevent you and limit you from creating your future??? LET IT GO , create your own reality. Fall in love with who you are becoming, don’t hate yourself for what you have done.”

Feelings that are buried Alive never die, its ok to feel angry and sad – but its not ok to hold onto them and let them destroy us. Our bodies are our temples, and they are very active temples, so with our society sometimes its not as easy as one would think to just change your life and lifestyle , but know there are options, start small, and watch the amazing results unfold before your eyes 🙂 We are our own world, we have everything within us, you are not a victim of your biology you are the master of your biology, it just takes practice to unlearn all of these old outdated concepts which are put in place to keep your mind from truly coming into its full potential.

There is nothing to seek in life besides your true self, which is just a case of remembering who you already are. Who you already are is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That love resides in the space in between your thoughts. It is a place where energy just flows, it is a place that has no real name, a place that is never doing – only being. Seek the self and merge within it, for your wisdom will naturally arise. 

(Posted expressly for the enjoyment & greater well being of this websites dearly beloved Geez Louise! We eat Gummi Bears like they are goin’ out of style & we’re not scared!) O_o


Project 101010 Pill or Perception
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