The Real Life Hannibal Lecters

In depth documentary which takes a look at real life serial killers and compares them to the fictional Hannibal Lecter…


Jeff Dahmer, Gacy, Bundy… its a shame we know of these men so well as they are the villains of yesterday. No not the kind they sensationalize in film but the true sickos that society has spawned from its own cesspool of humanity. This latest release which at 60 minutes I would normally call a short film, is in fact a documentary. I believe fans of serial killer lore and psychology will enjoy this release as it delves into the minds of these men a bit more per way of analysis interviews. For instance, the release talks about early years, the influence of broken childhoods, a need for power, a breakdown in morale, the profiling, the statistics of areas within the states that harbor these men and the details of their crimes. As it’s mentioned, the idea of killing is nothing n new with several homicides on a daily basis. What does rise to the surface is the men who contnue to kill, increase body counts and keep at it for pure satisfaction on some level. (review from horror news dot net) Jeffrey Dahmer used to put his victims in giant blue barrels filled with acid, turning them into a sort of ‘soup’.

The Real Life Hannibal Lecters
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