Ted Bundy The Day Before His Execution

This is an interview with Ted Bundy The Day Before His Execution (January 23 1989 Interview) 

Did he seriously blame it on his drinking? He says he went into a trance, and was possessed? Come on now… You don’t just wake up and realize you had murdered some innocent person, there is conscience involved to some degree.  He doesnt seem to take any real responsibility. Words of advice from ted, “Watch out for that pornography, it can snatch kids right out of their homes!” , Is that the best you can do? Really…

Ted Bundy The Day Before His Execution
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2 thoughts on “Ted Bundy The Day Before His Execution

  1. Is he really blaming this on pornography?
    I mean psychologically I see the connection but if it was the pornography then why did he have to get P*SS drunk before he did these things to women?? Makes zero sense to me what so ever. He is a true psychopath, very rare to see them in such true form. Notice how the entire interview he is not listening to a word the interviewer is saying? Yet tailoring his response perfectly in order to take the mystery that much further… Strangely calm for a many who was a day away from Dying…

  2. ya I dont buy for a second that it was hardcore pornography that did this to him – had to be some kind of abuse that he wouldnt discuss in the background i would guess…

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