Strange Culture


This is the most outrageous documentary I have ever seen about how far the government is willing to go , in order to prove their case against this mysterious enemy known as terrorism. Watch how a college professor / artist, Steve Kurtz,  and his wife begin to work on an art exhibit about GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) or GMO Food. They were raising bacteria in pet-re dishes in their home, with equipment easily available to any school or basic home chemist.

Steve’s wife suddenly dies from heart failure completely naturally, and during the time the police entered the house to investigate his wife’s death, they suspected biological terrorism happening in the residence. So instead of doing a basic investigation they freak out and bring in the FBI which is already on a show trial type of mentality. This story is how Steve Kurtz fights tooth and nail for his rights to not be guilty until proven innocent. And even when you think the government could not possibly justify taking Steve to trial for war crimes and terrorism, they pull another magical rabit out of their hat in order to drown out the process, and ensure it goes on until this man gives up. Absolutely amazing, this is happening all around us!

Strange Culture
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One thought on “Strange Culture

  1. no words can describe how amazing this documentary is, i sent steve $100 bucks to his donation on his website for his fund! what an amazing story , and how in the hell could he be so strong?? i pray to have 1/10th of the strength that this guy does, he is like a freight train he just keeps on goin!!

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