Jeffrey Dahmer Biography – The monster Within

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of Americas most notorious psychopaths’. Envisioning fantasies of laying next to naked men and having complete control over them, Dahmer commits his first murder at age 18. This documentary attempts to shed light on Jeffs life leading up to, and during his vicious murder and cannibalism. Ironically, Jeff was bludgeoned to death with a blunt object which was almost an exact replica of the weapon he used in his first murder. It is incredible to know that the police actually had one of his victims in custody after escaping Dahmer’s apartment because he passed out drunk and the police walked the guy back to Dahmers. Dahmer was able to convince them that they were gay lovers and had a lovers quarrel. Dahmer had already drilled a small hole in the victims head, attempting to create a sex zombie , and the police failed to notice.

Jeffrey Dahmer Biography – The monster Within
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