The Deadly Deception – Tuskegee Study

Deadly Decption is a documentary about scientists conducting experiments on Black Males in Alabama. An indepth study into this deadly deception will uncover a racially motivated scheme to test drugs on African Americans for the greater benefit of the government. How could government experiments like this take place and they get away with it?
Herman Shaw was one of the Tuskegee Study‘s guinea pigs – where the government offered free health care for Males who had “Bad Blood” or syphilis as its commonly known. Hundreds of lives were gambled and dozens of lives were lost due to these experiments in Alabama.
The Tuskegee Study is still discussed among officials as being miss-interrupted as a success. The Tuskegee Study was perpetrated on African American males, to study Syphilis , but it turned into a much darker medical misconduct which is unparalleled in our nations history.

The Deadly Deception – Tuskegee Study
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