Exclusive – Jonestown FBI “Deathtape”

 The Peoples Temple pastor Jim Jones Ever wanted to hear what it must have sounded like to be talked into committing suicide with everyone around you? Listen closely to Rev Jim Jones in the poor people of Jonestown’s final moments. We still have no idea what really happened & why, Reverend Jim Jones was under a haze of drugs & we now know that although he testified otherwise, State Department Agent Richard Dwyer was in fact inside of Jonestown AFTER Congressman Ryan and his aid (+ many other people) were shot and killed out on the runway. You can hear Jones saying “Get Dwyer out of here before something happens to him” and then as if by divine intervention, just when you think maybe he was saying another name, He reiterates what he said 1 more time much more clearly! For more on this subject / history – check out Evidence of Revision
At least some of the members of Jonestown stood up for what was right… Not everyone went willingly 🙁 I would not recommend this if you are screamish 😛

Exclusive – Jonestown FBI “Deathtape”
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