Trailer Park Boys Season 1

Trailer Park Boys is a canadian based TV show, which is probably one of the funniest things ever produced in TV history. It started out as more or less a joke. The production team had to pitch this script to investors , can you imagine how you could even attempt such a thing while keeping a straight face? Imagine how ridiculous this script must sound on paper with someone reading it in mono tone across to a board of directors.

After this first season, Trailer Park Boys went on to make 3 full scale movies and 7 seasons total. An amazing success for the small amount of money it actually took to produce. The characters are flawless in their roles and Trailer Park Boys Season 1 cements the cast into TV legend.

Season 1, Episode 1: Take Your Little Gun and Get Out of My Trailer Park

Original Air Date—22 April 2001
Childhood friends Ricky and Julian are released from prison after eighteen months and return to their trailer park home to find it taken over by a gun toting moron named Cyrus. Julian, determined to go straight and clean up his life vows not to hang around with Ricky anymore, who he holds responsible for him being sent to prison. All this is chronicled by a production crew filming a documentary about Julian’s life.

Season 1, Episode 2: Fuck Community College. Let’s Get Drunk and Eat Chicken Fingers

Original Air Date—29 April 2001

Season 1, Episode 3: Mr. Lahey’s Got My Porno Tape!

Original Air Date—6 May 2001

In order to make some money to impress Lucy, Ricky agrees to be in a porn film J-Roc is making called From Russia With The Love Bone, despite Julian’s advice to the contrary. During filming though, Ricky can’t get Lucy out of his head, remains flaccid and halts filming. Before filming ends however, J-Roc’s mother comes home and kicks everyone out of her trailer and Lahey confiscates the tape. When Ricky confesses to Julian that he is going to retrieve the tape by violent means, Julian steps in to get it back himself. When he breaks into Lahey’s trailer, he finds Randy and Lahey in costume watching From Russia With The Love Bone and agrees not to tell anyone in exchange for the tape, some pot and a bottle of rum.

Season 1, Episode 4: Mrs. Peterson’s Dog Gets Fucked Up

Original Air Date—13 May 2001
Julian’s neighbour Mrs. Peterson is going in for surgery so she leaves her dog Sparky with him for the day. However, he has to go to the DMV for an hour, so Julian leaves the dog temporarily with Ricky who is already busy babysitting his daughter and baking weed brownies. While he is distracted, Sparky eats some of the weed brownies so Ricky drops Trinity off with his father and calls Julian. They are sent to a veterinarian who asks them to steal a riding mower as payment for medical treatment. In the process, Ricky gets shot twice.

Season 1, Episode 5: I’m Not Gay, I love Lucy. Wait a Second, Maybe I am Gay

Original Air Date—20 May 2001
Julian decides to get Ricky to marry Lucy so they’ll both get off his back. He goes with Ricky to get a ring (by breaking into a house) and to get him a job (by asking Levi).

Season 1, Episode 6: Who the Hell Invited These Idiots to My Wedding?

Original Air Date—27 May 2001
Lucy threatens to call off the wedding because Ricky hasn’t made any arrangements for the reception, so Julian comes up with a bachelor party/armed robbery plan. He, Cory, Trevor and Bubbles get Ricky really drunk and leave him in the car while they hold up a grocery store to get food to serve at the wedding. Ricky wakes up however and wanders into the store, and he, being the only one without a mask is identified and arrested during the wedding later that day.

Trailer Park Boys Season 1
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  1. This is the funniest fucking show on the planet, god bless you for posting this, i watch it all day at work while i program, just have it on in the background.

  2. lol even though he doesnt come around much until the later episodes but mine is Phil Collins. Dirty Burgers for life bitch! lol!!!!

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