Def Comedy Jam – All Stars Vol.2 (full)

watch Def Comedy Jam – All Stars: Volume 2 in full w/ Chris Tuckers first appearance and all the great’s like Bernie Mac, Dominique, Martin Lawrence, etc…

bernie macs funnest standup ever

Show 1: Chris Tucker, Kevin Anthony, Alonzo ‘Hamburger’ Jones, Bernie Mac.
Show 2: Chris Rock, Ronnie Long, Dominique, Rudy Rush.
Show 3: Cedric the Entertainer, George Willborn, Sonya D, Mike Bonner.

Hosts: Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Cedric the Entertainer.
Executive Producer: Russell Simmons.

Warning: NSFW this is one of the funniest standup’s ever.

Def Comedy Jam – All Stars Vol.2 (full)
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