ISIS – The Islamic State

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Isis – The Islamic State With the lightning advance of ISIS in Syria & now stretching into Iraq, is hard to understand through the lens of major news networks. However we need to pay closer attention to this than we may have during our recent middle east entanglements, regardless of why they were caused, theRead More

The Battle for Marjah

The Battle for Marjah The Battle for Marjah is an HBO documentary, covering the efforts of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, in Operation Moshtarak In February 2010, the U.S. Marines Launched Afghanistan: Operation Moshtarak, the biggest operation since the start of the Afghanistan war, whose main target was the Taliban stronghold of Marjah,Read More


A film which covers an extremely wide range of topics – which include how the Jewish state of Israel came into existence, whether or not it was really legal, what they are currently doing to their neighbors, the 1948 war, war crimes, seperaration barriers, checkpoints, etc. The film shows a very detailed look at whatRead More

Occupation Dreamland

Filmed in early 2004, director-editor Ian Olds’ documentary follows a group of soldiers from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division stationed in al-Falluja, Iraq’s “city of mosques”. Their mission is to maintain the peace and root out insurgents, yet most importantly: to survive their tours of duty and go home. Many of these young men, aRead More