Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full)

symbols of our alien sky

Here we offer David Talbott’s first glimpses of celestial dramas in ancient times. Just a few thousand years ago a gathering of planets hung as towering forms in the ancient sky close to the earth, provoking spectacular electric discharge formations above our forebears. Symbols of an Alien Sky gives us a unique insight on whatRead More

Aquarius The Age of Evil

Aquarius – The Age of Evil ‘Aquarius: The Age of Evil’ examines the history of the new world order. It demonstrates that the new world order is New Age oriented. The Zeitgeist films and movement are exposed and shown to have ties to the New Age, Theosophy, Freemasonry and the new world order movements. ItRead More


This new documentary Bloodline is an amazing look into the secret story of Jesus and Mary Magdaline. Almost everyone has read or seen the best seller by Dan Brown, “The Davinci Code” which took its inspiration from one of the best selling books of recent times, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”. These two stories claim toRead More

The Revelation of the Pyramids

The Revelation of the Pyramids,’ released on August 22, 2011 by Optimum Home Entertainment claims to finally uncover the truth about the Great Pyramids of Egypt, saying that “After nearly forty years of study and research, the producers of this documentary have at last managed first to understand and then to prove what lies behindRead More