Buddha Boy – Could This be the Fifth Buddha?

first shown on discovery channel buddha boy

Om Namo Guru Buddha Gyani~

Maitriya Om Namo Guru Buddha Gyani

Maha Sambodhi Dharmasangha guruji

This unique documentary about a then 15 year old boy, Ram, who has been meditating in thick forest for over 8 months without food or water. He has attained a level of self awareness that is rarely seen on this earth. He has complete control of mind over matter, and is clearly receiving spiritual sustenance from somewhere, perhaps the buddhas themselves? WHO KNOWS.
Since this documentary Ram has since built a small temple to meditate at, and house some of his thousands of visiting followers from across the world. The boy who has the divine spark, so to speak, what do you think? Is it all a fake, or is this the second coming of one of the great buddha’s just before this timeline of the age runs out?
If you do some research , his new given name is Dharma Sangha, if you google it you will find his website maintained by devotees. I hope you enjoy this truly unique documentary, done by the discovery channel of all outfits, about the Buddha Boy in Nepal.

Buddha Boy – Could This be the Fifth Buddha?
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