Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine

Bowling For Columbine Documentary by Michael Moore – Full Length Documentary


Bowling For Columbine documents Moore’s quest to deduce exactly why it is that the U.S. has such an extreme amount firearm-related fatalities every year. It’s a topic that’s as appropriate as ever, and he combines stock footage, TV news footage, and anything else he can dig up, along with narration and video and film footage of interviews and set pieces he created himself in order to point out both the absurdity and the horror brought about by a seemingly gun crazed nation. Along the way, he signs up for an account with a bank that gives out guns as free gifts, interviews “shock rocker” Marilyn Mansion, pitches an idea for a TV show called “Corporate Cops”, and even takes two Columbine survivors to K-Mart to try and get a refund for the bullets that are still lodged inside their bodies. The movie’s title originates from the fact that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold supposedly went bowling on the morning before their killing spree, which prompts Moore to ask (with tongue planted firmly in cheek), “Why wasn’t anyone blaming bowling for corrupting these youths”? He also interviews Matt Stone, one of the creators of South Park, who oddly enough is originally from Littleton.

Bowling For Columbine is often hilarious. Moore’s sarcasm, bluntness and quick-wittedness during interviews are classic, and his choice of songs for the soundtrack of this movie was also pretty amusing. At points, Bowling For Columbine is reminiscent of American Movie, a documentary about a couple of rednecks following their dream of making a film, with regards to the eccentric people that are interviewed, and some of their unintentionally ironic quips. A seemingly South Park-inspired cartoon depicting a brief history of the U.S. is also one of the comical highlights of the movie.


Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine
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