LiL Wayne – Tha Carter Documentary

Lil Wayne’s longstanding $50 million lawsuit against the makers of ‘The Carter’ documentary may end up costing him in the end. According to a ruling by a California appeals court, Wayne could be found liable for breaching his verbal contract with filmmakers by failing to promote the project.

The defendant in Wayne’s case, Digerati Holdings, slapped the rapper with a countersuit pitting breach of contract on his shoulders. Wayne objected to the film’s release, which he claims contained unapproved footage, and, according to Digerati Holdings, refused to make himself available for interviews.

The countersuit also alleges that the Grammy winner’s lawyers secretly approached possible distributors like MTV Networks and Viacom. In response to their allegations, Wayne filed an anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) motion citing the counterclaim as a hindrance of free speech.


LiL Wayne – Tha Carter Documentary
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  1. Hes suing them because they captured how much of a fuckin drug addict this dude really is… you call that rapping? Good god he is terrible.

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