Bobby Fischer – Anything to Win

Bobby Fischer Anything to win documentary

Bobby Fischer – Anything to Win

kasparov vs bobby fischer world chess championship We here at are HUGE personal fans of Bobby Fischer and in no way agree with the viewpoints shared in this BBC documentary comprised about Bobby Fischer, world chess champion, without his consent during his time in exile. This documentary is only being posted to show an equal side to the story, and we highly encourage everyone to go out and see the new Bobby Fischer movie, Pawn Sacrifice, now in theaters all across the world as of October 2015.

With that being said this film does capture some great archive footage of some of the early big wins in Bobby Fischer’s career – and even more astounding is that after 20+ years in exile/retirement from chess (only playing occasionally or socially he said) and he comes back after his seclusion & defends his name/title for undefeated world chess champion of the world.


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bobby fischer documentary

Bobby Fischer – Anything to Win
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