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Greetings! Welcome to Top-documentary.com aka Documentary Revolution. My name is Jon and I manage the day to day uploads / operations of the site. The goal of this site which sets it apart from all the other free documentary websites out there is we strive for the BEST quality documentaries. I believe that in order for us to grow as individuals, we must obtain vast amounts of knowledge to compete in today’s world. Whatever your area of expertise in life is, you won’t get very far if you do not have a well-rounded view on that subject. Top-documentary strives to put the best and only the best free documentaries on our site for you to obtain that knowledge. Documentary Revolution is a completely open source top documentary network with contributors all across the world. This site is for those who do not want to spend all their time online doing senseless bullshit! Expand your horizons, turn off the TV and watch a top documentary or two! Knowledge is power no matter what medium it comes to you in. Browse dozens of categories, we have a documentary for everyone to watch, and most importantly LEARN.

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